Parking scams in downtown San Francisco

I should have known parking in San Francisco would be a mess.

QI went out with my wife on Valentine’s day in San Francisco. Long planned, booked in advance, all the bells and whistles. It was a surprise, so she was driving, as she commutes to work every day by car.

We got close to the venue and chose one of the parking location recommended by Open Table, as part of the official description for Black Cat.

The place was great and the jazz concert awesome. The food was good too, but the wine service was slow. We had a great time though.

My recommendation to everyone out there:

If you’re going out in the Tenderloin area and will only be out for a few hours, never park at Turk Garage. They charge $41 flat rates.

It’s not visible, so it’s meant to be a racket. Avoid at all costs. Be sure to always check the fees before you go in.

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