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Mint Mobile – A US number for digital nomads

I wrote this review from Argentina, after 8+ months of using Mint Mobile while traveling through South America.

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Mint Mobile is a prepaid wireless carrier that has gained popularity among digital nomads for its affordable pricing and flexibility. One of the key features that makes Mint Mobile appealing to travelers like us is its support for WiFi calling and texting.

With WiFi calling and texting, you can make and receive calls and messages over a WiFi connection, rather than relying on a traditional cellular connection. This can be especially useful for travelers that don’t want to lose access to their main phone number.

You can swap SIM cards between Mint and the local network you get on as you travel to new countries, or you can use a second phone as a hotspot for your Mint one if you are not near a WiFi.

To use WiFi calling and texting with Mint Mobile and not have to remove your SIM card every time, you’ll need a DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby) or DSDA (Dual SIM Dual Active) enabled phone. These types of phones allow you to use two SIM cards at the same time, one virtual eSIM, one physical SIM. It’s fairly easy and quick to install a Mint Mobile eSIM on your phone. It took 5 minutes on my Google Pixel 5.

This means you can have one eSIM for your Mint Mobile service and another for a local physical SIM card when you are traveling abroad. This can help you save on roaming charges and stay connected when you are outside of the United States.

The main benefit for us is that we can keep your two-factor authentication enabled. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that requires you to enter a code sent to your phone in addition to your login credentials – like for banks and credit score accounts. This can help protect your accounts from unauthorized access, but it can be inconvenient if you don’t have access to your phone. With WiFi calling and texting, you can still receive the codes you need to log in to your accounts, even if you don’t have a cellular connection.

Overall, Mint Mobile is a great choice for digital nomads who want an affordable and flexible wireless plan that includes support for WiFi calling and texting. Whether you’re working from a coffee shop in Argentina or taking a call from a client in Colombia, Mint Mobile has you covered.

P.S. If you’re using a VPN service on your device, make sure to turn if off on WiFi at least until your WiFi calling and texting becomes available. Then turn the VPN back on.

Photo by Nestor Barbitta on Unsplash

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