Looking for the new Romanian Country Manager for TransferGo

I’m heading off to the San Francisco Bay Area in less than 2 months and it’s time to find a capable, passionate and smart person to replace me at TransferGo for the Romanian Country Manager role.

For the past year, we’ve worked towards gaining traction in the Romanian diaspora for TransferGo and switching as many migrant workers from old, expensive cash to digital money transfers and help them save money for their families.

We’ve achieved a lot, I personally learned many great things from the people I found and worked with at TransferGo and there’s a great opportunity to capture the market in the next few years, as more and more Romanians abroad join the Digital Diaspora and get familiar with online financial services. TransferGo is a great place to apply marketing, management, planning and business development skills. It’s also a great place to be intrapreneurial, as the corridor teams that are run by Country Managers are pretty autonomous.

It’s not a place for a corporate manager, nor is it a junior position. If you are experienced enough and with an entrepreneurial spirit and would thrive in a flexible environment where you would build not only your team, but challenge your goals and strategies every day, then apply here and we’ll let you know if we want to talk more.

I’m here to answer any questions to the best of my abilities.

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