I’m refocusing this blog – Growth hacking vs. Growth Management

It’s been 2 months since I moved to San Francisco¬†and I feel it’s time to refocus this blog on my newest endeavor – growth management.

I don’t believe in growth hacking as a sustainable strategy – it’s good for the short term, good to work with it if you don’t have resources, but once you are set to build a product or a brand, you’ll soon find it’s shortcomings.

I do believe in growth management as a structured, intentional and long term process that creates and leads a change management process within the organization. Growth management focuses on creating the right mindset, culture and infrastructure for a company to grow 10x, for a department to launch a product and scale fast without experiencing too many growth pains – like overload, intermittent service, poor quality or lack of materials etc.

I’ll try and transfer some of my learning here as I grow and build with DigitalGenius and it’s going to be an interesting ride for sure, as the artificial intelligence space is in its infancy and no one has ever scaled an AI company to the level we’re about to attempt. Join me in this journey.

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