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Ello invitations givaway

Most digitally connected people have heard of Ello by now. Ello is the social network that vows not to share your personal data for advertising gains. That’s their USP and that’s what’s drawing people in, leaving the novelty factor aside. They hope to make money from paid features and are accepting limited numbers of users due to server restrictions a.k.a. keep the network from crashing altogether (remember the fail whale?).


I was fortunate enough to get an invite from my network and I’m returning the favor. I have 10 invites up for grabs for the first 10 comments posted here, on my blog, that say what they think brands could do on Ello. Please use real email addresses for the comments so I can send you the invite codes.

I’ll start: Brands could use Ello to tell stories that are somewhere between blogging and tweeting, to add image and video and provide an uninterrupted experience via the Ello timeline.

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Hey Titus! I’m also a Hult Grad, I found your blog very interesting. I think Ello can be used for many aspects in branding. There’s a common known strategy of personifying your brand into someone allowing the brand to have even a deeper essence and personality. There’s a very renowned Fashion Channel who has (in the Latin American version) a Fashion blogger that’s just meant to represent the brand of the channel, the spirit and what the channel likes and dislikes. However, very few people know this is a fake person acting as the channel. This is a very deep level of marketing few brands have achieved I would say and functions maybe for specific types of products, but would be a very nice use of Ello to influence and have good results.

Kind regards


@all I sent all the invites, so please check your Spam folder if you haven’t received.

@Miguel thank you for your thoughts. The only point where I disagree is not making clear that the particular presence is a staged one, thus deceiving the users. The risk is to drive them away if they catch on. Other than that, yes, ello could grow in the direction you are pointing, but they have to first find out how to keep people posting on their site instead of facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, pinterest and so on.

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