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I’m passionate about brand marketing, tech and entrepreneurship, about how we are constantly changing the world.

Since Jan 2022, I’m the Co-Founder of Private Market Labs, where we are democratizing the way small businesses are bought and sold with a connections marketplace. 

Up until early 20222, I used to serve as Director of Corporate Marketing for Appen, the leader in AI training data, publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange.

I am fortunate to have worked across 8 countries and 3 continents. I began my professional in Europe in 2006, when I started by volunteering for a youth non-profit that aimed to maximize humankind’s potential. Then, after a stint in social media,  I moved on to work for a gold and silver responsible, yet controversial mining project. In 2014, I moved to London and started a company focused on connecting home cooks with foodies, and ran it while I started working full-time and helping Romanian migrant workers in Europe send money to their families cheaper and faster. 

After moving to the US in 2016, I jumped into the 3rd AI revolution, where again empowerment and branding played important roles, be it enabling customer service agents to do more with automation, or enabling decentralized identity and payments in a post-Equifax hack world, or more recently empowering people from around the world to participate in the AI economy by working on training data for global companies. 

I hold an Executive MBA degree from Hult International Business School, class of 2014, with a major in applied go-to-market strategies on marketplaces, which I was awarded while working on one of my startups in food tech. I also got ML certified in London, online, via a Stanford course.

I invest in and work with startups on a regular basis.

Public speaking samples:

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Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of any of my employers

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