Romanian IT in San Francisco — official launch

Romanians working in IT in San Francisco met for the first time on February 5 as part of the Romanian IT local chapter. This the first step in building a global Romanian IT community, part of the project “IT without borders”, which aims to facilitate communication and collaboration among Romanians everywhere. We’re now over 20 people and looking forward to welcoming even more!

For the past 15 years, many Romanians have left their home country to work in IT in the Bay Area, so it was only natural to start the Romanian IT community here. Now they have access to a platform that can connect both locally and with Romanian IT specialists world wide to work on relevant projects and initiatives. This may very well be a solution to one of the biggest problems that Romania is facing — brain drain.

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Key takeaways from my 1st AI Webinar


  • Hosted by Ruben @ Microsoft (Bucuresti), with
    Titus, Growth Manager @ DigitalGenius — Human+AI for Customer Service (San Francisco) & Cosmin — Data Science & Machine Learning developer, CEO of (Timisoara)
  • Artificial Intelligence = “(…) the study of methods for making computers behave intelligently. Roughly speaking, a computer is intelligent to the extent that it does the right thing rather than the wrong thing. (…) AI includes tasks such as learning, reasoning, planning, perception, language understanding, and robotics.”
  • AI is not new, it has been around since 1955, with the first definition being proposed by Arthur Samuel
  • Machine Learning = “(…) the branch of AI that explores ways to get computers to improve their performance based on experience” — same source as AI
  • Examples of practical applications of Artificial Intelligence: playing board games and card games, answering simple questions, assembling complex objects, translating text from one language to another, recognizing speech, recognizing many kinds of objects in images, and driving a car under most “normal” driving conditions, fraudulent credit-card transactions or evaluating credit applications.
  • We’re now at the point where we have good enough data, good enough computing power (GPUs) & good enough algorithms to be able to produce usable neural networks and practical applications

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